As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional I offer you the following services:

Individually Tailored Financial Planning
Lifestyle Planning: How to balance your dreams of today with your goals of the future
Retirement Planning: Investments, RRSPs, RRIFs, Pensions
Strategies: Pension Maximizer, Mortgage Calculator
Income Protection*: Disability, Life Insurance*, Critical Illness Insurance
Estate Planning: Life Insurance
Children’s Education: In Trust Accounts, RESPs
Small Business: Group RRSPs, Group Insurance*, Buy/Sell Insurance*, Private Health Plans*
Analysis of your investment style and needs
Ongoing support and follow-up
Quarterly Newsletters
Private Health Services Plans* (PHSP) for Small Business
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If you operate a small business and incur health related expenses, you NEED a Private Health Services Plan!

A PHSP is a vehicle that allows all medical/dental expenses to run through your business, where they become 100% deductible.  This is a smart and efficient tool that does not involve costly insurance premiums.  The process transfers such expenses from after-tax personal dollars to pre-tax business dollars, resulting in significant savings. 

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